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Kiddies Corner

Everybody loves animals especially children. We are a very small working farm.

The photos below are of our animal family. If you would like to feed the sheep, alpacas and occasionally lambs them let Andrea know and we would be happy to take you.

Conor our Red Setter dog loves to run through the bush and get his beautiful coat all knotted so now we have to shave him to keep him clean and tangle free. He loves riding in the buggy and the ewe that is standing with Conor is called Gem, she was an orphan and used to ride in the buggy every day, she is too big now.

168 Dorper girls. Some old, some young, we have orphans and also 3 orphaned weathered boys that live with the girls. One of the boys, called Charlie, is blind and when you see his head go from one side it means he is listening to what is happening around him.

6 Big Dorper boys (1 of them just loves a cuddle), the others are friendly too and they all like to be brushed.

Two very old Dorper boys, on the left is Old Boy and Rufus is on the right. They had to be separated from the other boys because they are too old and just want a quiet life.

Our four Alpacas:
Johnny is very inquisitive and will go straight up to people which sometimes can be intimidating.
Ki is the protector and even bit the Vet’s bottom when he tried to treat one of our sheep, we were all laughing so much including the Vet.
Big Elle and Little Elle – Mother and Daughter. Big Elle is very timid and after all these years will not let anyone touch her.
Little Elle is very small for an alpaca but has a very sweet nature and not timid like her mother.

We have two wild mountain ducks that come back each year to have their ducklings. A week ago they arrived back and have been spending more time around the dam each day. Last year they had 12 ducklings but the fox took 6 of them so we put the flood lights on at night which enabled them to see the fox approaching and they were able to escape into the dam before the fox got near them. This year we have built a raft for them and will put the flood lights on again. It will be interesting to see how many ducklings they manage to keep.

Tuesday 14th August 2019 – unfortunately 2 ducklings are missing, now only 9 ducklings.  We do not think the foxes have taken them as we have not seen them during the day and the foxes cannot get to the raft which is where they stay as soon as it gets dark.  I will keep you post on their progress.

Saturday 10th August 2019

Our 2 mountain ducks had 11 ducklings 2 days ago.  It is fascinating watching the male duck (he is standing on the grass).  He chases away all the other ducks and birds away from the area.

Last year the foxes took 6 of her ducks, so we attached a raft to our gazebo steps so they could be safe and the foxes could not get to them during the night.  It was wonderful to see our duck family go straight to the raft on their first night.

We think that these 2 foxes are mother and father as we have heard cubs in the bush.  This photos was take at 3pm yesterday afternoon so we have to be extra vigilant in protecting our ducklings.

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